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Everybody wants a good sleep, right? Mattress plays an important role when it comes to sleeping well without aching your muscles. So if you are looking for enhancing your sleep pattern then dream cloud is probably the best choice in the range of hybrid mattresses. It promises to give the user most comfortable and serenest sleep. One of the best parts which have made me attracted to buying this mattress is its latex, memory foams, coil technologies, tufting in its eight constructed layers.

Many people don't have the idea on how to select a proper mattress but if you do a proper research then you can find that dream cloud is going to serve you with everything that falls under the category of a good mattress. So if you are looking for a high-end luxury bed then opt for dream cloud mattress. Nowadays one can find a luxury mattress at a huge cost so not all can avail them which is quite sad. But this mattress will be available in a very competitive price so you won't only appreciate its benefit but will also be amazed at its quality and longevity. So here in this review, I am going to place every minute details that you must know before you pick this mattress over any other.

Which People Should Use This Mattress?

If you are someone who suffers from lower back pain then it is probably the best choice for you. This mattress comes with a unique 8 constructed layer that is made from tufting, latex, memory foams, coil technologies and others. It provides a very effective support to the heavy sleepers.

This mattress has the unique combination of supportive infrastructure and high density of memory foam which works like a wonder for patients suffering from back pain. It will comfort your back and refrain it from facing the rigid and hard surface of the bed.

If you are a fan of luxury mattress then you can get dream cloud mattress at a very affordable price. It comes with an 8 layer hybrid design that has attracted a lot of customers recently and even if you buy it for the queen-sized bed still it will be cost effective.

While making this mattress a lot of attention has been given to the material which is quite visible once you start using this mattress. You will be comforted with the bouncy and cooling effect from the latex foam, support from the spring present in the coil pocket, and it's ultra comforting memory foam.

People Who Should Avoid This Mattress

Dream cloud mattress comes with abundant benefits that cannot be overlooked but there are certain conditions where it shouldn't be used by certain people. It is not suitable for people who are on the heavier side that is the people who are weighing over 300 lbs. Heavier people can get completely sink into this mattress which will make them suffer from a poor alignment in the spine.

What This Mattress Comprises Of?

    Truetufted cashmere Blend top: The mattress is covered with Truetufted cashmere length cover. It is of 2 inches and it provides the luxuriousness of sleeping in this mattress. This layer gives this mattress a high-end look and is the reason why it is considered as a luxury mattress.

    Memory foams with gel: This mattress comes with a cooling layer of 5 inches which is infused with gel. This is the reason why the upper layer of this mattress provides the cooling effect on the user. It provides both contouring and cooling support.

    Memory foams which are quilted: This mattress comes with 1.75 inches of memory form which is of the soft quilted material. This layer enables a person to get superior comfort by relieving the pressure. This layer works like a magic which makes a person want to lie down on the bed for long hours.

    Memory foams with plush support: Another quarter inch of the support layers is composed of memory foam of the dream plush. It gives an extra contour to the body that enhances the sleeping patterns and improves the alignment of the spine. It makes sure that the user is getting the perfect amount of comfort by getting this additional support.

    A natural latex of supreme quality: This matrix comprises of response layer of half an inch made from the hypoallergenic latex which is completely natural. It gives the users' body a bounce and contour. This layer helps the sleepers to get into shifting positions easily.

    Memory foams which are super dense: This mattress has another layer made of memory foam which is super dense and acts as the transition layer of half an inch. This supporting memory foam helps the mattress to maintain a transition between the top and the bottom layers of the coil.

    Coils: This mattress comes with the support layer which is made of top quality pocketed steel innerspring coil. After this layer, the mattress comes with other layers of five zone which helps the person to get superior support and comfort. And the mattress will provide various support to the body.

    Memory foams which are super soft: The softness of this mattress comes from this layer because it has a high density 1.5 inch super soft and good quality memory foam. This layer provides deep compression and acts as a reliable source of basic foundation layer to the mattress. This layer helps the sleeper to keep their back in a right alignment.

    This mattress comes with all advanced support so even if you are sitting on the edge of the matrix still the material won't wear out. These 8 layers of mattress help to give the user a good sitting and sleeping experience. This mattress is far better than the traditional one because it has a unique design of the coil which helps to provide a user feel pressure relief by reducing the motion.

What Is The Sleeping Experience With Dream Cloud Mattress?

This mattress will provide you with the most comfortable experience of sound sleep than other traditional beds or mattresses. It provides the perfect comfort and contour to the body by adjusting it according to your body needs by keeping your spine well aligned.

It comes with 8 layers which are not like the other mattresses and hence this mattress is very much sensitive and will react according to the need of the sleepers' body position and temperature. It will also provide the necessary cushioning and cooling effect when required. This effect is provided by the memory foam layers which is infused with gel.

It is hard to match the prowess which this mattress comes with. It will provide you with the comfort which is beyond anybody's expectation. It will give you the luxurious effect at an affordable price. It will provide you with the exact relaxing effect which the body needs and hence does justice to the name dream cloud.

The moment you get up from the bed your bed will take the original form. It will again make you feel like lying on the mattress and sleeping soundly for another few hours.

Though this mattress provides high-quality comfort and support and it is a hybrid product with high-end quality which helps the body to get rid of all the pain and aches. Normally other mattresses will increase your problem with lower back pain and hence it is recommended for people with this issues to not sleep on the mattress. So you won't have to worry when you are sleeping on this dream cloud mattress.

Is Dream Cloud Comfortable?

The layers which are inside this mattress makes it the most comfortable one. This mattress will do a great job of cradling in your body. It will provide you with the right support which a body needs when it is in the sleeping position.

The two layers of latex and memory foam provide the user's body to get excellent contour and body hug with properly constructed in spring support which helps to provide deep comfort to the mattress and adjust with the sleeper's body. So if you are a heavy sleeper then this mattress is surely going to provide you with the right support. Whenever you will lie down on this mattress you can feel the luxuriously soft and comforting effect.

The Cooling Effect Of Dream Cloud Mattress:

This mattress is great for places that are having a hot climate because the layers which made up this matter also comes with few materials which provide a cooling effect to the sleeper. It discourages the huge retention and enhances the air flow which keeps the mattress cool. Whenever we think of foam mattress the struggle of sleeping in a hot mattress hits our mind. So this mattress is a hybrid and hence one can be benefited with the advantage of foam mattress as well as the cold gel infused innerspring layers of coil.

Edge Support:

If you are sharing the bed with someone else then you will have to use the entire bed so there are chances that you will move towards the edge of the mattress while sleeping. So whenever you will move towards the edge you will see controlled compression in that position which is quite rare.

Durability Expectation:

Dream cloud is surely going to deliver you with the best sleeping solution. So the factors which determine that this mattress is very efficient and durable are:

Strong units of the coil.
Memory foams which are made of high density.
Using the natural latex in making the mattress.
It uses double tufting of the memory foam and cashmere blend cover together

Motion Transferring Reduction Capability:

This mattress has an excellent coil which helps in its support and breathability. So this mattress helps in reducing the motion transfer. The mattress will keep itself stable because of the multiple layers of the memory foam which helps in absorbing motion and providing comfort. The coils are individually foamed and wrapped. Even if you are moving while you are sleeping still your sleeping pattern won't get disturbed.

Cost For Buying This Mattress:

The dream cloud mattress is a luxury mattress build of high-end quality so people expect it to be quite pricey but in reality, it is completely the reverse. This mattress has the highest cost for cal king size which is around dollar 1499. Similar size mattress will cost you not less than 6000 dollars which becomes quite expensive for the normal people to avail them.

365-Night Trial:

Every user who is going to buy this mattress will be provided to sleep on this for four seasons before they make up their mind for choosing dream cloud as their mattress. If you can treat this mattress properly then it is going to last for a very long time. And this trial period which is offered by mattress company is three times better than the others because if you are not satisfied with the product then they will initiate the refund process.

Dream Cloud Mattress Discount Offer:

It is an affordable mattress when compared to other luxury mattresses and hence sold more in the market of mattress. So the demand is pretty much high. One can also get many discounts if they buy it during offer period and one can also avail the discount by using the gift cards.

Pointers To Keep In Mind:

1. The mattress is composed of 8 layers for providing support and comfort.

2. It provides a level of single firmness.

3. It has a height of 15 inches which is quite convenient for the people of diverse weights and sizes.

4. It is not convenient for the people who are more 300 pounds.

5. It is available in four sizes.

6. It is supportive and comfortable because of the premium materials.

7. It comes with a 6.5 firmness level which is quite convenient for the people suffering from lower back issues.

Overview On The Dream Cloud Mattress:

This mattress is of the perfect length among the other hybrid coil and hence the user will get the benefits of memory foam and innerspring material. This mattress comes with a luxurious formula and its layers will provide the sleeper with an excellent support in every sleeping style. You will also get the perfect degree of responsiveness and bounce of coil and latex layer. It gives an unbelievable comfort because of its top covering layer. You will also feel cool while sleeping because of its gel infused layer of memory foam.

It is so well constructed that it will prevent any kind of heat build up. It will also provide a good support near the edge and will provide minimal sinking. So after the use of this mattress one could really say how much justice this mattress has done as a hybrid mattress. This luxury mattress with hybrid benefits will give you an extra comfort and support and will keep you cool while sleeping and it is sold with the minimum cost in the range of luxury mattresses of high quality.