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Mattress plays an important part when it comes to having a sound sleep. If you opt for a poor mattress which is very hard then it will make your body feel uneasiness and you will wake up with pains or aches. There are plenty of mattresses available in the market but a person needs to do a lot of research before they find out what kind of mattress will suit them.

There are many luxury mattresses which will cost you dollars but not everybody can avail them and this is the reason why people are opting for real sleep mattress. It is not like the spring or the coil mattresses and this is the reason why it has attracted more buyers. People who want to have a clean mattress with proper manufacturing process then they should opt for real sleep mattress. This is a toxin-free high standard mattress and one can hardly find similar qualities in other mattresses.

Which People Should Use This Mattress?

This mattress comes with a medium firmness which will adjust itself with your body's size and shape and will give a cooling effect. This mattress will make sure to provide you with the long lasting effect and will make your body feel restored and rejuvenated. It has the capability of withstanding 750 pounds.

People who weigh more than 300 lbs should opt for the California or king size for better sleep. It is very convenient for the sleeper who want to support their stomach and back because of its medium firmness level. So even if you are a stomach sleeper still it will make sure to support your hips in a high posture.

Details Of Real Sleep Mattress

The mattresses come with a high standard manufacturing process and material. If you are a resident of continent US then you will also get the benefits of free returns and free shipping. One will also get the trial period of 100-night sleep for testing the quality of the mattress. Not only that, you will also get a 10-year warranty. So if you are looking for a clean mattress then real sleep mattress is the right choice for you. Moreover, the price of real sleep mattress is also affordable when compared to other luxury mattresses.

The Material Quality Of This Mattress

This mattress is made in the USA and it doesn't contain any kind of toxic flame retardants, formaldehyde, ozone depleters or VOCs, phthalates etc. This is the reason why this mattress will provide you with the ultimate comfort and durability. This mattress is 10 inches thick and has a firmness level which is medium and comprises two layers. To provide the best sleeping experience this mattress is made of Flora-Flex memory foam.

The top layer of this mattress has a cell design which is open that acts like the layer for comfort. This layer makes sure to pull the heat away and dissipate from your body. And the second layer will make sure that your body is getting proper support and is in the right alignment as it composes of foam which is having a dense base. This two-layer when comes together, it provides the perfect shapes, sizes and the sleeping positions which are required for getting comfortable sleep. This mattress also comes with a cotton cover which is organic and acts like the cherry on the top.

What This Mattress Comprises Of?

Mattress Layers Gif

The height of the sleep mattress is 10” and it comprises two layers. Real sleep mattress will keep your body cool because it contains Flora flex foam which is an open cell to draw the heat away from the body and regulating the temperature throughout the night.

It provides comfort and contours no matter what size or shape you are as it has responsive foam that will adjust with the body. It is surely going to treat you better than other mattresses and you can feel the noticeable differences once you start using this mattress. Real sleep mattress also provides a targeted support to the back, neck and the hips whenever they need it. So you won't have to wake up with pain and aches after using this method.

What Is The Sleeping Experience With Real Sleep Mattress?

Patients who were suffering from aches or pains or were facing difficulty with their mattresses were highly benefited from this real sleep mattress. It has been designed in a way so that it can suit any type of body so your pets can also sleep on it. So far sleeping experience was extremely good. There are some people who suffer from certain conditions where they are prohibited from sleeping on the mattresses but this mattress is also better for those people. It keeps the body aligned and you can easily move without getting interrupted in your sleep.

Three Best Qualities Of This Mattress

    Cool: The mattress has a foam layer which provides maximum air flowing and will draw the heat away from the body by keeping a person cool all night.

    Contours: The mattress design is very much responsive and it will easily adjust itself with the different sleep positions and you can easily sleep with the stomach, side, or back your size, your shape etc and there will be no pressure points that will cause pain to your body.

    Support: It is very much different than that of spring or coil mattresses. It also has the capability of supporting your back, hips, and neck and whenever you will wake up you will feel rejuvenated and will not face any pains or aches.

Durability Expectation

If you buy a foam mattress with low density then it will serve you for a maximum of 6 years but with higher to medium density foam, it will serve you for 10 years on average. The best part of real sleep mattress is you will be given the warranty of 10 years so it is equal to the average durability of a mattress. The condition of the mattress will completely depend on how it is used or cared. Any kind of physical damage or stains will not be covered under the warranty.

What You Can See After Unboxing The Real Sleep Mattress?

The mattress will come in a box and it will arrive within a week after you place the order online.
Within the box, you can find a good welcome message.
The mattress will be wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid expanding.
It will come with the letter opener for cutting the plastic and will provide you with the opening instructions.
After opening the mattress now you are ready to place it on any flat surface like your bed.

Thoughts Unboxing The Real Sleep Mattress

There is a new trend of using mattresses comprising of memory foam. Real sleep mattress is one of this kind which will be delivered to your door in a big box. The real sleep mattress is convenient for every type of sleepers who needs ultra comfort and contour. On other mattresses, one has to wait for 24 hours for letting the bed rise but with real sleep mattress, you won't have to wait for that long for allowing the mattress to fluff up after removing the plastic wrapping.

It is one of the most comfortable mattresses with medium firmness. It is not like the traditional spring mattresses and there is a little adjustment period between the spring and the foam mattresses and nowadays the foam once is gaining more popularity. Just after waking up from the bed or mattress, it will take the original shape which will make you feel like to lay down on the bed again for few hours.

It is super comfortable which is a big bonus for buying this mattress and it has been made by using the cleanest process for manufacturing. The mattresses completely free from toxins as it doesn't contain any kind of formaldehyde or phthalates. It also doesn't contain any volatile organic compounds and is only constructed with the help of natural flame retardants.


The foam present inside the mattress is designed in a way to give support to the stomach sleepers.
Some people love the softness and the organic nature of the cotton cover.
It's quite easy to switch between the side and the back and sleep properly. If you want to sleep on the back then it will be more comforting than that of the side.


It will definitely have medium firmness when compared to other foam mattresses but one should not expect it to make them feel like a cushion around the shoulders or expect many hugs.
The cover of this mattress is organic and it is 100% cotton which provides ultra comfort to the sleeping surface. But not all user will be happy with the type of the cover.

The Bed Framework Of This Mattress

One can use the real sleep mattress on any type of flat foundation or flat surface which includes:

Adjustable base
Box spring
Bed frame

Cost For Buying This Mattress

When you compare the comfort which this mattress provides then the price is quite affordable. One can get different discounts while buying this mattress and it also comes with 100 days trial period. So the price table for different mattresses are:

$600 for a twin mattress
$100 for twin XL
850 dollars for a full mattress
995 dollars for Queen mattress
$1150 for King mattress
$1150 for California King mattress

Discounts For Buying Real Sleep Mattress

This is an affordable mattress which provides luxurious experience to the sleepers. One can avail this mattress at a discounted price or by using the gift card. You can also use the references of other users for getting some more discounts.

Cover Of Real Sleep Mattress

Real sleep mattress consists of flora flex foam. This foam is a kind of memory foam which has a cell structure that is open that enables a sleeper to get rid of all the heat. This foam helps a person to enjoy a good temperature regulated sleep and the surface of the cover contour and comforts with their body for providing proper support for their back, hips, and neck.

Pointers To Keep In Mind:

1. If you are looking for a supportive and comfortable mattress made of memory foam with medium firmness then you should opt for this real sleep mattress.

2. If you want a mattress to be free from any toxic material or go through any toxic manufacturing process and only want it to be made in the clean environment then this is the right mattress.

3. The company who sells this mattress uses new technologies and their mattresses go through fine manufacturing processes.

4. The Mattress also comes with a cotton cover which is 100% organic.

5. It can manage the temperature by heat dissipation and moisture control.

6. The mattress has been tested scientifically to provide long-term comfort and durability.

7. Provides exceptional pressure relief.

8. Affordable unlike the other luxury mattresses.

Will The Mattress Contain Chemical Smell?

Mainly the mattresses come with the chemical odour which you can smell when you will remove or unroll the sealed plastic. This smell is termed as off-gassing. Off-gassing is non-toxic or harmless and it will gradually go away within several days of using it. This mattress will not contain any kind of noticeable odour when you will unroll it.

Overview On The Real Sleep Mattress:

According to my experience, this mattress is very much versatile and is made from organic cotton with a conventional cover. You can get the best supportive base with this mattress and the mattress is made of foam which reacts slowly for giving better contours. Whenever you will sleep on the mattress you will get instantly sink and again the mattress will push you back and will absorb all the motion. If you are looking for a versatile mattress suitable for every sleeper without aching the back or stomach then this is probably the right pick for you.

The dense foam and the top layer will provide you with the best pressure relief and you won't be needing any transition layer. If you're looking for a supportive mattress with a minimum hug and slow-motion transfer then this is the right mattress. This mattress will not cradle much like those of hybrids but it will never disappoint you. It will provide you with the Ultra comfortable and ultra cooling effect and it is great for every sleeping environment. It also contains antimicrobial and is also resistant to the dust mites.