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Grab The Latest Market Trends from RoseGal

Fashion is an art and everyone loves to be stylish, whether they are going on a trip with their friends or have a business conference in their office. The bitter truth is that most people do not have the time to go out for conventional shopping nowadays because of the busy schedule that they have. This is why most of the people are turning their heads to the online fashion sites. RoseGal is very popular and loved by a lot of customers because of the amazing pieces that are found here.

Customers can get a number of products for both men and women that include apparels, shoes, bags, accessories and much more. One of the most amazing things about RoseGal is that it has launched a plus size section as well. The people who do not find their proper sizes can visit the plus size section to avail fashionable and trendy items of clothing.

About RoseGal

RoseGal had been launched by a team of friends who shared a deep passion for amazing clothes and breathtaking fashion. RoseGal is known to offer the detailed fusion of the modern and the vintage apparels and it has been exploring this possibility of fusion for a long period of time. RoseGal has developed a fondness for vintage because of the understated simplicity that it portrays.

Vintage is also becoming a style statement with each passing day and it has been capturing the beauty of classic and elegant fashion. This has been used as a contrast with the changing nature of all the modern styles which are capable of capturing the beauty of the urban energy as well as the edgy lifescapes. RoseGal seamlessly offers beautiful clothing styles, accessories and shoes. The primary objective of the RoseGal team is to win the hearts of their customers. The RoseGal team has been inspired by nature and its charm as well as the modern-day trends.

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The Plus Size Section

There is no doubt to the fact that big is elegant, beautiful, bold and graceful. In order to fuel the growth, the fashion industry has started depending on the plus size customers. The plus-size customers have often complained that they never get fashionable products that will fit them correctly. This particular demographic has been ignored for a long period of time. Considering the scenario today, fashion has become important for each and every one, irrespective of their size.

To solve the problem of this demographic category, RoseGal offers plus size dresses for parties, night wearing purposes or other activities like swimming. There are a variety of dresses available which can be afforded by the customers easily.

Shipping And Handling

RoseGal is known to ship to almost each and every country across the world, so you can order from anywhere. RoseGal employs the courier services of the biggest and trusted carriers in order to ensure the safety of the packages along with a fast and swift delivery of your products. RoseGal also offers free shipping on all the products to most of the destinations. After an order has been placed, the customers will receive email confirmations from the RoseGal team. If there are any particular requests, the RoseGal team has to be informed before the orders are processed.

Strict quality checks are carried out before the products are processed. The team ensures that all the packages are packed properly before they are prepared for the shipment. Most of the orders are shipped out within twenty-four hours. However, a few products might take a little longer as it depends on the stock availability. The customers should know that the time of processing the products will not be included within the time of shipping the products. If the customers have any enquiries, they can submit tickets to the support centres for more assistance. The customer service team will contact the customers back within twenty-four hours.

Customer Service

Nastydress has also earned reputation because of the amazing customer service team that it has. They have been trained to assist all the customers regarding all the doubts and questions that they have. Customers can ask them any question, and they will respond within a short time. You can call them, write to them or even opt for a live chat with them. The satisfaction of the customers is their top priorities apart from delivering quality products at their doorsteps. Customers can get help and service that they deserve.

Payment Methods

The payment methods used by RoseGal are safe and secure, and hence the customers do not have to worry about the payment.

Credit and Debit cards can be used for completing the payments.

Customers can use PayPal, which is the safest payment method and is used by many people from all over the world.

Customers can pay using Credit Card via PayPal as well.

The customers from Brazil can pay with Boleto Bancario via Ebanx. This method is safe and convenient for the people of Brazil.

Customers can also pay using the Western Union if the order values exceed three-hundred dollars. The customers have to provide all the details to the RoseGal team after the payment has been successfully completed.

Wire Transfer can also be used for orders that exceed five-hundred dollars.

Offers And Discounts

There is not a single person who does not love to purchase products when they are available at additional discounts and prices. RoseGal offers a number of discounts to the customers during different occasions. To avail the discounts, the customers have to visit the website of RoseGal.

Pros And Cons

All the online fashion shops come with certain pros and cons that the customers should have an idea about.


1. RoseGal ships to almost all locations all around the world.

2. The customer service team is capable of solving all the problems of the customers.

3. Since a number of payment methods are entertained, making the online payment is easy, safe and hassle-free for the customers.

4. All the products are checked for their quality and a proper packaging is done before shipping the products to their respective destinations.


1. Certain products take more than twenty-four hours to process, based on their availability. However, the products that have been ordered will definitely reach the customers.

2. Payment options like Wire Transfer and Western Union are a little out of date as the customers will have to inform the RoseGal team after the payment has been made. However, these payment options are considered to be the safest.

Customer Reviews

RoseGal has been in a positive light as they have been serving customers all over the world with the latest fashion trends. Customers are extremely happy with the products that they have received and they are looking forward to purchasing more products in the future. Customers have reviewed that the products look exactly the same as it has been shown on the website and there has been no manipulation.

Quick Summary

RoseGal has been offering the latest combinations of vintage and modern dresses which are absolutely worth stealing the show. The plus size section has also managed to attract the attention of the plus size demography. It is currently one of the best international online accessories and apparels shop. Purchase your favourite products from RoseGal and look stunning!