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Rosewholesale- The One-stop Fashion Heaven

In the era of online shopping and quick delivery, the competition has heated up as there are multiple online portals available to the people to satisfy their cravings for something new and interesting. Everyone prefers to buy products online, mainly because no one has time to spare from their busy schedule dedicatedly for this purpose and also due to the convenience of it as everything is just a click away.

These shops also provide insane discounts and offer in order to stay ahead in the race, making it a healthy competition as well, an added benefit to the common public. Rosewholesale is one such online shopping store focussing on the latest trends and chic look, be it in the form of clothing or accessories.

About Rosewholesale- It's Vision

Rosewholesale is one of the leading fashion store using the online portal and serving globally to a lot of customers. Its main aim is to provide affordable and trendy styles in both accessories and attire keeping in mind the quality of the product. The goal of the company is to always be ahead in the market by providing fantastic quality at a very reasonable wholesale direct price. It is apt for people looking for clothes for a particular event and also for wholesaler looking for suppliers in order to compete in the cut-throat market. They have a dedicated marketing system which keeps doing research on the latest and innovative trends and looks to meet the diverse demands of the customers all over the world.

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Privacy Protection

Since it is an online portal, privacy is at the top priority list. The customer has to make an account to access the products on the site and log in every time he wants to use it. Certain information like email address, address of correspondence, phone number and credit card details are required for smooth delivery and transactions, but the company understands that these are delicate information and provides maximum security by using encrypted technology for transaction and only designated individuals to have access to it, who have pre-signed a confidentiality agreement which legally restricts them from sharing any information. The company keeps the information in a secure database mainly for further notifications in case there is an update on the trends and also to keep a track of being within the legal limits of a country. The customer has the discretion to cancel their subscription and will not be notified further.

R wallet

One special feature of Rosewholesale is the presence of R wallet, which is a mode of payment, completely secure and in sync with your transactions. The information becomes 100% secured and the operation is very user-friendly which helps you manage the wallet efficiently. In case you choose the R wallet for refunds, more the amount of money in the wallet, you tend to get more offers and discounts. Refunds made through this wallet can be done faster and easier, within a couple of working days.

VIP Programs

Another interesting feature of the site is the VIP program it has. People belonging to this club get additional privileges and services. There is no amount involved in becoming a VIP member and it is solely based on the average amount of transactions that a customer makes per month. The status is reviewed after a certain period of time to see if the customer has kept up with the minimum transaction to continue being a VIP member and it is extended accordingly.

Customer Service

If you have some reservations about buying products online, you don't need to worry while dealing with Rosewholesale. All the products undergo strict quality check during processing and shipment. In case you have a problem with any of the product, which may be a discrepancy in size, fitting or even quality of the product there is a 30-day return policy. For any queries, there are a set of specialised employees on call and they provide assistance regarding the status of the order, the refund policies, payment systems etcetera. Customers can contact the website either through email or through the phone.

Modes Of Payment

Rosewholesale provides multiple gateways for making the payment.

Paypal- The most secure way to make a payment is through this. It provides utmost privacy to the transaction.

Credit Card- The easiest and most efficient way of transaction. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Wire transfer- For payment above a certain stipulated amount, wire transfer is the preferred mode of payment. The customer must contact the employees of the Support Centre for the same.

Western union- While making international transactions, some customer prefer this. It is a little more complex than the others and thus requires more involvement of the Support Centre group.

Pros And Cons Of Rosewholesale

All the online fashion shops come with certain pros and cons that the customers should have an idea about.


1. Fast delivery to your doorstep with minimal hassle.

2. Provides an opportunity to other budding businessmen to start their own venture.

3. A superior quality product at very low prices.


1. Since the customers are spread throughout the world, it might take some time for the shipping to reach you. Similar issues are present with the refund policy, due to a similar reason.

2. While paying through Western Union, customers have to be more thorough.

Offers And Discounts

Multiple offers are provided by the store for even the products favoured by multiple customers as the satisfaction is given prime importance. Occasional discounts, mostly during the festive season and more so for the VIP members are one of the main reason that Rosewholesale is at the top of the pack.

Customer Reviews

One thing that a customer relies on while buying a product is, what is the response of people who have already used it. The products distributed by Rosewholesale has met with positive reviews more often than not and can be checked on the website of the company. The frequent visit to the website by the same customer is the testimony to the fact that the company meets the demand of its customers quite efficiently.

Quick Summary

Rosewholesale is one such online store which delivers what it promises, whether it be in the product quality or the shipment protocol. If you are looking for a store for young and chic fashion trends, do check out Rosewholesale and hopefully, you won't need to look any further.