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Set The Trend With Trendsgal

In today's world, where everything is just one click away, if you want to shop for anything, the first thing that pops up in your mind is online shopping. Gone are the days when people used to be heavily reliant on shops for their shopping purpose, when a more convenient and easy method was readily available, the use of an online portal for shopping. That doesn't mean that people compromise on the quality of products or the variety of options that they are dealt with. With hundreds of online portals being available on the World Wide Web, online sites have to introduce something special to be ahead of the pack.

Trendsgal, the online shopping store does just that. Not only it provides an excellent shopping experience for anyone browsing through their site, it also caters to the need of every individual, men and women alike, for every occasion, be it a casual cocktail dinner or a formal office party or even a vacation, at a very affordable price.

About Trendsgal- It's Vision And Aspiration

Trendsgal is necessarily an online store that delivers products globally to customers looking for high-end cutting-edge fashion products that excite them. It is a one-stop store that provides you with multiple options whether it be in clothing or bags, jewellery, shoes, health and beauty products etcetera. Its main vision is to let their customers have the best to choose from and at an affordable price, aspiring to bring the world together for the purpose of fashion.

One thing that sets Trendsgal apart from other online sites is the option to do drop shipping of Trendsgal ’s products their own websites, giving others the opportunity to do their own business and flourishing. Multiple offers are also available from time to time which can be further availed by becoming a VIP customer by subscribing to a minimal registration fees and having access to additional discounts. Therefore, the more you shop, the more money you save.

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What Is Drop Shipping?

One aspect of Trendsgal that takes it to a league of its own is the option of dropshipping. It is especially helpful for people who are planning to start their own business. Basically, drop shipping means selling the products of Trendsgal through their own website, making a certain amount of profit along the way. You have to first register in Trendsgal free of cost and then become a VIP customer. Then become a drop shipping partner and choose products from the site that you would like to sell through your own online store.

You can even use the product information, pictures and other requirements from the website directly using the 'data export’ option and display it on your site. Sell it to your customers at a price you want and once you have collected the payment, order the equivalent product from Trendsgal. The item will be shipped directly to the customer without any interference. It is a legal and risk-free method of doing business and is beneficial to all the parties.

Privacy Settings On The Website

Trendsgal understands the importance of your personal information and credentials and makes a sincere effort to keep it under heavy protection. Since Trendsgal has to supply products globally, all over the world, it is but a necessity to collect pieces of information about the customers’ email address, phone number, credit card details among the other but doesn't store it in any database unless the customer wants it to. This information are mainly used for proper shipping and delivery and to keep the people updated about the changing trends. Another important use is to find out the legal ramifications of the countries that they will be shipping their products so that they are within the confines of the law. The onus of security of the login credentials of a customer is on them as they are advised to create their own ID and password and changing them frequently.

Customer Care

There may be a sense of uncertainty in your mind when you are ordering online as you are not seeing the product real-time. Trendsgal makes sure that it provides the best-quality products to its buyers. Customers can refer to the various size charts and fittings available in the website, specific to certain countries. They have a dedicated set of employee exclusively for catering to the queries of the customers. The contact number is available on the website for access to the customers round the clock. In case there is any discrepancy with the products, there is a 30-day return policy along with reimbursement of the money. There are certain guidelines to be followed through, like the item should not be damaged, unworn, unwashed along with all the labels and tags..

Methods Of Payment

Trendsgal has multiple methods of payment like-

Paypal - The site is secured with PayPal making it a convenient method of payment

Credit card - Another secure method for making payments.

Credit card via PayPal - For USA customers exclusively

Western union - The customer support centre will help you with the payment using this.

Pros And Cons Of Trendsgal


1. Superior quality products delivered at your doorstep.

2. Prompt shipping and compact delivery system.

3. Drop shipping enabled, letting others start their own business and flourish.


1. Since it is a global site, sending products to certain countries might take some time, especially in Latin America. The return policy also faces the same problem.

2. Payment using Western Union becomes a little too detailed, though the support centre will help you with it.

Offers And Discounts

Trendsgal also understands the demands of the varying customers of different age groups and sets the price at a very reasonable range, giving offers and discounts frequently, to keep the customers hooked to the website and increase the traffic. It benefits the company and also makes the products affordable.

Customer Reviews

Trendsgal has been known to have a large base of customers throughout the world and have gained the trust of the people mainly through their good-quality products, prompt service and proper customer service. Most of the products come with a rating and review which is at the disposal of the customer to see for further assurance. The products have been well received by the customers and they have come back for a repeated shopping experience.

Quick Summary

If you are looking for chic and cool fashion in various forms, look no further, as Trendsgal is the hub of most of the products that you may need. The wide variety of products within an affordable range sets the tone of the company and is also beneficial to the budding businessmen of the world. Enter the world of Trendsgal and get ready to be amazed.