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Get The Best Fashion Trends with Twinkledeals

Every human, sometime or the other, has looked at pictures of models and celebrities and eyed their outfit with jealousy, wishing they could also don them with the same elegance and panache. Almost everyone has wished to follow the latest fashion trends and the ever-changing Vogue and dress themselves up according to the current sensation. So what really stops them? The busy schedule that everyone has to follow to sustain themselves and the pinch on the pocket must be the top two reasons.

No one has the time to go to a shop or a mall frequently and keep themselves updated. They would rather have the options at the top of their fingertips. Well, Twinkledeals caters to the needs of such customers and is the handy solution to the top two problems. Not only does it provides a variety of options, for both the sexes and of all age groups, to choose from but also sets the price range at just the right amount, making it affordable to everyone. Payment is also a big bonus as it is mainly through online payment portals which makes it very convenient. They also have a well-functioning refund policy, giving an air of safety to your shopping experience.

Twinkledeals- It's Vision And Aspiration

Twinkledeals is an apparel store that works on the online front and meets the demands of the modern, cosmopolitan fashionista at a reasonable price. If you have an eye for chic and cool fashion trends, accessories and shoes, twinkledeals is the site to go to. Be it a formal office party or a casual get-together at a house, be ready to turn everyone's head with the mind-boggling collection for every situation.

The brand has a vision of not only following the latest fashion but also creating their own, often pushing the boundaries of normalcy and coming up with something special, the best part being, it not burning a hole in your pocket. It aspires to make the shopping experience an amazing personal journey and bring together people from every stratum of the society so that they can indulge in their common pleasure, all of it through a very convenient online portal without any hassle.

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Privacy Provided By Twinkledeals

One of the concerns for the customers of twinkledeals is since they are required to enter details to login into their account for shopping, it being an exclusive online portal, how safe are their credentials. Twinkledeals asserts the responsibility of handling the login ID and password to the customers themselves, suggesting a password of adequate strength and frequent changing, transferring the reins of privacy in their hands A number of security measures are also implemented, like the use of Secure Socket Layer technology and encrypting the gateways of payment so that they are only accessible by people of authority.

After all the transactions are over, twinkledeals doesn't store any of the credit card information in their database, to maintain transparency. It is one of the necessities, while dealing with customers online, to collect pieces of information like email address, phone number, card details etcetera but it is for the sole purpose of convenience and to keep the customers updated about the latest trends and also to keep up with the laws and regulations of various countries as twinkledeals ships internationally. Even this involvement is voluntary as a customer can subscribe to the email newsletter to keep receiving updates only if they wish to and can also unsubscribe any time.

Customer Care

Another concern for customers might be about the services provided by the brand, do they actually deliver what they promise. Rest assured as twinkledeals has a number of well-deserved, eligible employees working round the clock, helping you with your problems, keeping your concerns at bay. You can contact them at the helpline number provided on their website and your information will be reviewed and a solution provided.

Twinkledeals prides itself in being very particular about the quality of products they deliver and cross-check multiple times before shipping any of them. In case of any unforeseen event, the customer doesn't like the product received, they have a 30-day return policy and they can either choose to buy an alternative product or get a refund for the product.

Payments At Twinkledeals

They offer a number of option like-

Credit card - Customers can use this service securely using both Visa and MasterCard

Paypal - It is the most convenient method of payment

Wire transfer - If the amount exceeds a certain limit, customers are requested to contact Support Centre who will guide them through the rest of the process.

Western union - Support Centre shall once again help the customers to do the payment through this method swiftly, though this may require little additional details.

Pros And Cons Of twinkledeals


1. Provides superior quality products.

2. Follows proper protocols for shipping and super-fast delivery.

3. Helpful and dedicated customer service.


1. In case you want to return a product and get monetary reimbursement, it might take 7-10 days because of the reversing of the whole process but money will reach you for sure, the company takes full responsibility.

2. Using Western Union for money transfer might be slightly cumbersome but will be done with the assistance of the customer service people.

Offers And Discounts

Twinkledeals also offers a range of discounts on products to mainly lighten the burden from the shoulders of their customers as they realize that they have a lot of customers from a young age group. It is not uncommon to find 20-30% discounts on products which are listed as favourites as well. They also provide additional discounts during the festive seasons, winning over people more convincingly.

Customer Reviews

Twinkledeals has a dedicated customer base who keep coming back to the portal for shopping, customer retention being the benchmark of judging the quality of service provided by any brand. You could also check the reviews and comments before buying any product. The reviews are mostly in the lines of the superior quality of the product, the easy navigation of the website, the multiple options to choose from, the intricate and amazing shipping and delivery system and the helpful customer service in case things go south. Twinkledeals is rated as one of the top online apparel stores mainly because of customer satisfaction.

Quick Summary

If you had your inhibitions in buying products online due to its privacy settings and not being sure of the fitting and style, drive them all away. Twinkledeals guarantees you a convenient and breezy journey through the shopping experience, taking care of all your requirements and wishes. The large customer base and their appreciations are enough to vouch for the superior quality of service provided, so get shopping with twinkledeals and be the next fashionista in town.